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Our Aim

Small Ticket size

Now you can stake money in the most exciting properties from all over the nation with minimal amount.

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Zero Frauds

Our technology ensures that data can never be changed, documentation is done automatically, and inaccuracies and fraud activities are eliminated without involving any third-party intermediaries.

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No Legal Work

We can streamline asset buying and remove the intermediaries using blockchain smart contracts, making the process fast and inexpensive.

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What does Crealty do?

Crealty is a blockchain-based real estate investing platform where people can invest as little as 100$. All you need to do is, go to the marketplace and select your preferred property. After that, you need to fill in some details and complete the KYC process. Now you can stake your money in the property. It will remain staked for a particular period, and after the period ends, you can either unstake or restake the funds.

How and where to invest?

After completing your KYC, you can start investing by reaching out to our website. Along with it, you can also get our app to track the performance of your portfolio.